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Watch Dogs


 You’re a citizen of Chicago, a city that is overrun by technology. It has influence on every aspect of life. This makes a perfect opportunity to use it for your own purposes. Central network of the city is called ctOS (Central Operating System). It has in control a whole city’s infrastructure and access to all information about its citizens.

You are Aiden Pearce, best hacker. But you are a former thug too. Your past caused family tragedy and all that matters is to mete justice. You can control everything and everyone around you from your smartphone. You can download personal information about any person you meet, change traffic lights to stop a chase or access security systems to be undetected while breaking into a building.



Use city as a weapon - a whole Chicago is under your smartphone. You can stop a train and then board it to escape, lift a drawbridge while in a boat, or manipulate public transport and traffic light to leave your enemies in a jam.

An Eye for an Eye - Chicago is a brutal place and sometimes the only way to defend is to fight. Aiden knows how to use real weapons. During his missions, he will have opportunity to use 30 of them.

New Era of Navigation - Aiden’s smartphone is not giving control of everything that is connected to ctOS, but it allows to explore Chicago like no one can. See through all layers of the city, scale rooftops, cut your way through buildings and explore underground.

Drive your way - if you don’t want to, or don’t have time for running, you can drive one the 65 cars in the game. All with its own physics and handling. This was possible thanks to the cooperation with Ubisoft.

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£ 8.88