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Wolfenstein: The New Order

 Europe, 1946. war is around every corner. After a series of Allied’s success, Nazi tipped the ballance of victory on their side, thanks to the progressive war machine, made by Wilhelm Strass, also known as Deathshead. When the last Allied assault on his research facility was lost, everyone knew that all hope extinguished.

Europe, 1960. War came to an end and the victory fell to the Nazis. With force and brutality they brought other empires to their knees and they rule the world with an iron hand.

You impersonate captain B.J. Blazkowicz, a true legend in american army. You will have to become a part of this dark world and to run a counter march against this criminal Nazi regime. Only you are brave enough, to face the unbeaten army of robonazis and huge supersoldiers. Only you can stop the Deathshead and change the course of history. 

 Main character

Captain William „BJ” Blazkowicz was a ranger in USA army and after that an spiecial agent is OSA. His whole life is a fight against Nazis. Sometimes he was an one-man army and sent many Hitlerities to see its maker. He was born to do this. 

Main villain
General Wilhelm „Deathshead” Strasse is capable and hardworking scientist. He is in charge of special projects in SS. He also is unprincipled and he don’t follow any moral rules. General play a big role in the process of upgrading all German war technologies. All soldiers believe in him and looks forward to the ultimate victory and conquering the world. Deathshead almost lost his life in an airship catastrophe. After that he enjoys every minute of his time.

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£ 6.95