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World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor


The Iron Horde must be destroyed again. Garrosh Hellscream escaped to the past and united his forces with his father Grommash, an absolute chieftain of the War Song clan. The only way to save your future is to forge the iron from the past...

Hellscream and his father want to make a powerful war machine from their people in Draenor. Building the Dark Portal proceeds and invasion over Azeroth seems to be inevitable. Set off in a journey to the old Draenor – to the world full of giants and monsters, fatherland of legendary leaders of orc's clans. Face the dangerous that hides in this wild, unbridled land and crush the might of Iron Horde before it's too late, to save the future. Your people count on you as their fear the orc's dominance just like they feared the Burning Legion many years ago. You cannot let them down.



Get into action on level 90 - Promote your hero or create a new one on level 90 at once. Wear the armor strong enough to repel the offensive of the Iron Horde. If you did not take part in fights for a long time in combat actions, unique missions are waiting for you, that will help you to achieve full readiness to fight.

Build your bridgehead – Build and expand your own stronghold, fully integrated with the game world. You can keep there your war trophies. Develop your estate and gather more companions, who will carry out your commands, even if you will be out of the game.

New character design – Watch the world and experience it in the smallest details thanks to the new character models and animations. Classic races got refreshed outlook, that gives them unprecedented depth of expression with all their features preserved.

Set of on a journey to Draenor – Visit the mythical times and challenge the wild orc's fatherland. Get to know the secrets of Draenei and long time forgotten Karabor. Live your adventures in a company of legendary heroes from Warcraft universe, such us Velet The Prophet or Durotan, chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan and many more.

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